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‘Gure oroitzapenak’ (‘Exiles’), is a group film based on the work of Joseba Sarrionandia.

For a very long time Joseba Sarrionandia has been a faceless poet. As if frozen, for over thirty years he has remained as a black and white photo for the Basque people. A single portrait. Absence.

The aim of the film ‘Gure oroitzapenak’ is to outline the visage of Sarri in audiovisual means. And this visage is none other than the one that for years has shaped his poems, short stories, essays…. His literature. For this reason, we are bringing his poems and short stories to the cinema screen to set them down in images.

Twelve producers from Euskal Herria and from another three countries make up this group project, formed by twelve pieces. All of the authors have some kind of relationship with the writer from Iurreta, either personal, affectionate or of admiration for his literature.

But additionally, it is a common effort in which, in one way or another, over two hundred people have become involved. We would like to express our gratitude and acknowledgment to them all.

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